What is Terpinene?

Terpinene is classified as a monoterpene. Alpha-terpinene (a-terpinene) derives naturally from cannabis and other plant sources, including cardamom, marjoram, and oils of juniper and eucalyptus. The spices of cardamom and marjoram are rich in terpinene. As a constituent of tea tree oil, a-terpinene may offer antioxidant power.

Terpinene is prized for its spicy taste and is frequently used as a flavoring. Terpinene contributes to the warm scent of allspice.

Tea tree oil has been used as an antifungal agent, antiseptic healer and antibacterial remedy for centuries. Thus, any benefit of tea tree oil may bear a passive connection to terpinene, which is a natural constituent. One active benefit of a-terpinene in tea tree oil is as an antioxidant, according to recent research.

A 2012 study published in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology found that a-terpinene had strong antioxidant properties as a component of tea tree oil.



Author Bio:

Dr. Wright Penniman M.D. is a board certified family physician with 15 years of clinical experience and 4 years of experience as a medical director with a major health insurance company.

Article written by Dr. Wright Penniman M.D.

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