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CannaGlobe provides entrepreneurs of every kind an opportunity to grow their own business. Whether your goal is to make a couple of hundred dollars extra a month, or to build a significant income through your product sales, CannaGlobe has a pack to meet your needs.

These packs have been specifically chosen to help entrepreneurs joining CannaGlobe to have access to the best products and support; from day one!

Choose between one of the STARTER PACKS, PRO PACKS, or BUSINESS PACK and get started!


A STARTER pack is a variety collection of branded products to help you get started with your Hemp or CBD business. You can choose these products for personal use, resell them to your friends and family, or sell them in your store for a profit.


A PRO Pack provides a higher discount, higher profit margin, and more products in a variety collection of branded products. The Pro Pack is for serious professionals wanting to jump start their Hemp or CBD business with higher discounts and higher profits.


A Business Pack is a comprehensive collection of CannaGlobe products designed for business owners such as retail storefronts, massage therapists, chiropractors, doctors, etc who want a large discount and high margin. The Business Pack saves business owners from having to deal with several companies in order to have a large variety of brands and products. The Business Pack provides you wholesale access to several brands in specific verticals with several products each. This Package for those serious about succeeding in the Hemp or CBD industry.

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