Restoring your skin with CBD

No matter your skin type or needs CBD has got you covered. From reducing clogged pores to healing scrapes CBD is essential to your skincare routine.


Dry Skin

If you have dry skin CBD lotion is the best solution! Applying it after a shower will help retain the moisture, and encourage the cells to repair any damages. CBD oil reduces clogged pores, and is rich in lipids that promote hydrated and moisturized skin.


Oily Skin

CBD oil prevents overactive oil production in your pores without making your skin dry. It also helps heal and restore scarred or damaged skin from acne.



CBD oil prevents overactive oil production, it also reduces pain, sensitivity, and inflammation caused by acne. Not only can it prevent acne, it can also treat it. CBD oil can reduce the chances of scarring, and mend the skin after it’s been damaged. There are CBD night repair creams, face lotions, balms, but even ingesting the oil has proven to reduce breakouts. People who struggle with body acne on their chest or back have had amazing results with CBD oil.


Skin Disease

CBD oil can promote healthy life cycles in your skin cells. It can reduces pain, inflammation, and the risk of scarring. If you have Eczema or psoriasis you can use CBD topicals to help. CBD prevents eczema by killing abnormal cells. It’s also an anti inflammatory so people with psoriasis can orally or topically take CBD to help with inflamed tendons or joint stiffness.


Being an antioxidant, CBD can help with wrinkles, cleansing your skin from the damage it has received throughout the day. It also rejuvenates your skin, keeping you looking youthful and healthy.


Cuts and Scrapes

CBD can encourage your wounds to heal faster. It has also shown the ability to reduce scarring leaving your skin blemish free.

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