Compassionate Care Discount Program

It may be a controversial topic to many people, but the unfortunate truth is the sometimes the people who are most deserving of medication in our country are the ones who can least afford it. What’s even more unfortunate is that this ends up wiping out preventative care for those who may not have the resources to pay for treatment. But there is hope for those who want to try the amazing benefits of CBD oil. See how CannaGlobe has developed a program to make it easier to get people access to this revolutionary product.

Our Core Beliefs

CannaGlobe may be a business, but we are more concerned with health than with profits. Our founders could have chosen to go into a variety of business ventures, but they chose one that could bring pain relief to millions around the world. By working with terpene-rich, organic hemp, our quality standards that are among the highest in the entire industry.

As more and more bargain-basement companies emerge to capitalize on the success of CBD oil, we continue to regularly test our products to ensure the safety of everyone who may try them. With so little regulation in the industry, some sellers are getting away with distributing useless or even potentially dangerous products that have very little in common with pure CBD oil.

In other words, we don’t want people to cut corners with their health. Those who choose discount sellers may be getting a product that has been unsafely manufactured in an unregulated lab. They may have a condition that could legitimately be helped by CBD oil, but without trying the real thing, they’ll never know if CBD oil can really help.

How Compassionate Care Works

CannaGlobe has a financial assistance discount program that may make it easier for people to get quality care.

The first thing that our customers should do is to fill out the application form on our website. You will give us more information about the illness or disability that you believe CBD oil will help. We require the name of your doctor and their contact information so we can discover more details about your particular needs. You’ll need to show proof of your disability via a copy of a prescription, a receipt from your last doctor visit, or a photo of your prescription bottles. (Please be sure to black out any personal information.)

We personally review each and every application that comes in, and we will have an answer to you within 7 to 10 business days. If approved, you’ll receive a notification that you’re a part of this program. After which, you’ll receive a 30% discount off any shipment of $29.99 or more. (This discount does not include shipping and handling fees.)

Alternative Medicine

It won’t be too much longer before the vast majority of people realize that prescription companies aren’t encouraging long-term health. This doesn’t mean that all prescriptions are bad, just that more and more people are depending on them to keep them alive. The point of medication is not to become dependent on it though, it’s to actually offer a real means of change.

CBD oil can be the answer that millions look to without having to rely on addictive substances that only make the problem rather than help it. It’s a natural solution that potentially offers far more long-term benefits than prescriptions ever could.

Compassionate Care Discount Program

CannaGlobe is committed to helping clients with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Our TRUE full spectrum and broad spectrum ultra-concentrated terpene rich CBD oil products offer a natural and safe way to alleviate symptoms caused by stress, chronic pain, neurological disorders, and much more. We don’t want finances to get in the way of you receiving the care and comfort you need, that is we offer this financial assistance discount program. We believe everyone should have access to the healing properties of CBD oil products.

How Compassionate Care Discount Program Works

Our compassionate care program is designed to help customers who have chronic conditions afford the hemp oil products they need. Here’s how it works:

1. Complete an Application
Complete an application that details your personal information and description of your chronic illness or disability. We need this information to better understand your hemp oil needs. Your doctor’s name and address is also required.

2. Upload Proof of Illness or Disability
Upload proof of your illness or disability. Examples of proof include: a recent doctor or hospital receipt, a scanned copy of a prescription, photo of the prescription bottle label. Note: cover any section such as prescription numbers to keep your information private and secure.

3. Application Will Be Evaluated
Your application will be evaluated. You will receive an answer in 7 to 10 days.

4. Approval
If approved, you will receive confirmation that you are part of CannaGlobe’s Compassionate Care Program.

5. Receive Discount
You’ll receive a 30% discount each time you purchase CannaGlobe products with an order of $29.99 or more. Note: the 30% discount excludes taxes or shipping fees.


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