CBD Water and Beverages

Our Crystalline CBD Water Soluble Liquid offers unlimited CBD-infused beverage product development opportunities. Crystalline CBD is colorless, flavorless and provides true solubility. Since the cannabinoid particles are a miniscule ~25 nanometers in diameter, they pass through soft tissue or mucosal membranes, becoming immediately bioavailable. No other process for solubilizing cannabinoids produces bioavailability to this extent.

Crystalline CBD will self-homogenize in liquids without separation, similar to how simple syrup mixes evenly and clearly into water. This ensures cannabinoids are evenly distributed throughout the product, making it ideal for third-party lab testing for potency and homogeneity variances in samples, especially since the cannabinoids don’t stick to packaging. Consumers can have peace of mind about getting a perfect, predictable and consistent dose every time.

  • Fast Acting (8 minute average activation)
  • Predictable Duration
  • Crystal Clear and Flavorless
  • CBD Potency up to 10mg/mL
  • High Bioavailability
  • Retail products can be labeled as ALL NATURAL


  • CBD-Infused Bottled Water
  • CBD-Infused Energy Drinks
  • CBD-Infused Energy/Relaxation Shots
  • CBD-Infused Soft Drinks
  • CBD-Infused Beers
  • CBD-Infused Supplement Drinks
  • CBD-Infused Kombucha
CannaGlobe CBD Water and Beverages
Private Label and White Label CBD Water Available
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